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Independent Studies 1


        This class was about U.S. history. I was given a book and weekly assignments to complete so I could earn credit for a class I needed.  The teacher was Joe.  He gave us all our assignments at the beginning of each week and they would be due at the end of each week.

            The thing I liked the most about this class was the sort of freedom we had to complete our assignments. It wasn’t to over whelming and I had enough time to complete them. My least favorite part of the class was that I had to write so much. The reason for that is simply just because I don’t like to write.

            I learned some new things about the history of this nation. Most of it was review for me though. I have taken this class before and I really needed to pass it this time. I would have liked to spend more time studying World War 2 and what happened right after that. If I took this class again I just think it should be moved to later on in the day. Everything else should just stay the same.