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hotel rates have gone up for the first time since 2007. hotel people say that its a good sign because that means people are taveling more..
Tenuous: Slender or fine

Bad brakes probable cause of truck crashing into Lake Tahoe home

faulty brakes were probably the cause of the fiery crash that launched a lumber truck off a runaway truck ramp into a lake tahoe home. even though most of the evidence was burned, experts did determine that at  least one set of brakes were faulty..
vocabulary: Appraise:

ATM stolen from Reno bank; police ask people to be on the watch for it

at about 8 a.m. on monday morning someone removed an atm from Sun West Bank. the machine seemed to be pulled across the parking lot were it hit the curb and parts of the machine flew off. police are encouraging people to call police to snitch on the thieves.

Kernel: the most central part or grain

9/27/10when it comes to water,Chevron is a role model

The oils company Richmond refinery, is leading its peers in water recycling. before the oil refinary was the biggest consumer of water in the entire east bay using 11 million gallons daily.

Afgan war moves farther down onto Pakistan

Arizona teacher claims $95.3 million lottery jackpot

with nearly two weeeks of suspense, a 64 year old substitute teacher won a large amount of money. that lucky person. the single parent says it will change everyones lives. her odds were 1 in 195 million. wow.

Make up: 10/6/10 States Declares emergency as storm slams south and is headed for the Northeast 

southerners that usually see sunshine are now seeing snow and cold. this storm is