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What is trig? What is the history of trig? How are Isaac Newton and Calculus connected?

Trig is the study of triangles and the relationships betwerens

Math final Essay

             This class was about trigonometry.  In this class we learned about sine, cosine, tangent and other math terms. My teacher was Vikkie.  She has been my math teacher for a few years now.


I didn’t have a favorite part honestly. Everything was neutral although I disliked some parts more then others. My least favorite part I have to say was the cosine part. It was very confusing and I didn’t feel as though I had enough time to try to understand the material.


I feel like I got better at understanding this material. I can actually do some problems and get them right.  Last time I took something like this I got lost immediately and failed very fast. I still need to get better at understanding advanced multi-step problems. I can barely keep up and I get lost fairly quickly. If I get a lot of practice I believe I can get very good at it..