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            In math I am good at working out word problems when I fully understand it. I am also pretty good at working arithmetic in my head as well. In math I am don’t think I’m good at remembering what I learned. I have a very bad memory so it’s hard to remember. I don’t dislike or like math. I liked it when I was younger but then high school came around and the teachers went too fast for me. Now It’s better but I still don’t like it. It’s a neutral feeling. Math is hard for me when the teacher goes too fast. When its at a good pace I understand it fairly well.  My best math teacher was good because she made her lessons creatively and showed us things at a good pace. My worst math teacher was bad because she went way to fast for me and I was lost more then half the time.

Reflective essay

Reflective essay


This year I have been in the same math class. This class is called Senior advanced math. It was about mostly sine, cosine and tangent. Vikki was my teacher like always.


            My favorite part of this class was the sort of freedom we had to do our work. We were given enough time to complete the assignments we were given. That was really helpful. My least favorite was the actual work. It was my own fault because I missed too much instruction to fully understand what I was doing.


I learned how to solve for sin cosine, tangent and pre-calculus.  I had seen the material before but I never learned how to do it. I would have liked to review easier math. I forgot how to do it already and it would have been really helpful to review it again. If I were to take this class again next semester I would add the review I mentioned earlier.


            I feel I learned higher math then I knew in the passed. Usually before I tried to do this work I would give up almost as quick as I began it. I still feel I need to understand geometry a little better. When I was taught geometry I was never there and the instructor was a bad teacher in my opinion.