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echo effect

my id class is mostly about filming editing and writing scripts for movie making.awe are also taught how to act for along with that.. this year is a little different because the class is split up from new students and old ones that are more experienced. in this class you can also recieve an english credit but u must read a book  and write about it.


this class is about making pages for the new school yearbook. if students choose not to do that they can also just write reviews about articles and newspapers. if we do all our assignments we can recieve an english credit which is why im taking this class.. i believe in the second semester we will be making more pages for the yearbook anf taking new pictures.


this elective class is also available for science credit which is the reason why i chose it. in this class you learn how to make your own garden.we also must learn the parts of the plant and what not. as the season progesses and changes we learn different methods of farming and organic gardening.

Election night

as you may know the elections are over. harry reid won the senate race and Brian Sandoval is the new governer of Nevada. i am happy about the result. it was a pretty close call as well.